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By:Keith Liu With Coach:K T  Rating:

Date:January 23, 2016

I recommend Instructor KT. I have improved my tennis since I have been training with Instructor KT. I just started the 3rd year doing sessions with KT. Back in 2013, my wife and I did a few trial outs with different coaches. And KT made us feel most comfortable and relaxed. Through out the 3 years, i have become a totally different tennis player. I changed from a guy who could only hit forehand successfully by luck (successfully here really just meant in the court with a little speed) and could barely do backhand to a quite stable player who can even sometimes think of ball placement. I used to play college basketball, and the forearm/wrist/shoulder movements of the two sports are totally different. KT made me completely adapt the new sports and taught me all the techniques for me to enjoy tennis. And the most amazing part is that i can still feel that i am improving after each session. He is a good coach and he is a good guy. He has been considerate in schedule arrangements and so on. All in all, KT is a great instructor who have been making me enjoy of the sport. And the best way to enjoy to enjoy a sport is to keep improving.

By:Tanya Chen With Coach:K T  Rating:

Date:January 22, 2016 

I recommend Instructor KT. I have improved my tennis since I have been training with Instructor KT KT has been my and husband’s coach for more than 2 years. I can’t thank him enough and he’s everything you can ask for as coach: kind, smart, patient, encouraging, full of fun, and super observant. He gives spot-on advice that helped me improve or correct the wrong move really quickly. I’m never athletic and slow on all kinds of sports. I never thought I could got this far and had so much fun from learning tennis. Definitely RECOMMENDED!!!

By:Anita Mishra With Coach:K T  Rating:

Date:April 17, 2013 

Tennis coach KT has been coaching me since June 2010. I started playing tennis from mid 2006 but it has only been in the last 2.5 years, with KT, that I have improved tremendously. KT has an unmatched and unique way of coaching where he is able to break down the steps/movemement/form involved into smaller steps. He is very logical and an extremely good player. I have been coached by 1-2 other coaches in HK and I can honestly say, KT is country miles above the rest of them. For a purist view of form and technique, you cannot do better than him.

By:Becky Wong With Coach:K T  Rating:

Date:March 22, 2013 

Tennis coach KT is a very professional coach and let me enjoy more on tennis, he never give u hard time and very gentle and always ecnourage u to enjoy the lesuire time on tennis

By:Alpesh Jhaveri With Coach:K T  Rating:

Date:March 21, 2013 

Tennis coach KT is a really good trainer, I had improve a lot under his training. I have been playing more than a year now and I have learn so many skills form him. He is a nature and honest guy also very funny, we have lots of fun during the lessons.

By:Alan Leung With Coach:K T  Rating:

Date:March 04, 2013 

已拜師 KT 學藝一段日孑,感覺良好。無論正手,反手,發球,上網,短球,長球,策略,都一應俱全。友善,耐心,負責,永無乜底,實是信心保証,是你必然之選。


By:Connie Cheung With Coach:K T  Rating:

Date:January 24, 2013 

“Fantastic Instructor”I first picked up tennis in Jan 2010. I was a complete beginner with no experience at all.After 3 years taking lessons from KT, I can’t say enough good things about him. KT is an instructor with heart. He’s patient, encouraging and with a positive attitude. He picks up on the little things that he see’s going wrong and corrects them straight away and before I knew it I was playing so much better.I was so fortunate as a beginner to find such a great instructor.

By:Antonio Ruotolo With Coach:K T  Rating:

Date:January 02, 2012 

I have been tennis coach KT’s student for more than three years now.
Before taking his lessons I just threw the ball over the net. Now I play tennis. And it is much more fun. My technique has tremendously improved. He is very patient and fun to practice with.