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By:Noor  With Coach:Jacky Lau  Rating:

Date:April 9, 2014I have been training with Jacky during my year in Hong Kong and my tennis has definitely improved! Jacky puts in a lot of effort in focusing on your current technique and helping you improve. What was most helpful is that you can tell he’s put thought into it as he comes to new lessons with new tips and suggestions for where I am most weak. My swing has always been terrible but with Jacky’s help I got a lot better during that one year of training. 

Above all Jacky is extremely friendly! Highly recommended.

By:Xuan  With Coach:Jacky Lau  Rating:

Date:March 31, 2014Have been learning with Jacky for over a year now.
Very professional, patient and helpful.
Tailor-made lessons with great effort on his part on try to analyzing your swings and help you improve.
He is also just a very nice person, very sincere and genuine to students.
Fluent in English and Mandarin as well.

By:Chris  With Coach:Jacky Lau Siu Ming  Rating:

Date:February 6, 2014Jacky is a professional coach and he is always patient and helpful. The training is tailor-made to suit my needs. I have significant improvement in the skill after the lessons.

By:Lubie Wan  With Coach:Jacky Lau  Rating:

Date:January 18, 2014I have been learning tennis from Jacky for 9 months. Jacky is patient and professional. He is highly analytical thus able to point out the problems with my swings quickly, and he helps me to correct them in the most effective way. He makes tennis fun and easy. Overall, Jacky is a great coach. Highly recommend to others.

By:Jakub Wierzba  With Coach:Jacky Lau  Rating:

Date:November 25, 2012Jacky is a great teacher and a really good person. Serious yet playful, when the time call for it, he’s got a lot of patience to be teaching me all the basics that I have forgotten (or nevere knew at all). Very mindful of ones phisical conditions, Jacky makes tennis fun and challenging, without making it too much of a strain on the body and mind (at least in my case). Had I the time, I’d be practicing with him almost every day, not just the 1 lesson a week I can manage!. Thanks Jacky!

By:Jungmin Kim  With Coach:Jacky Lau  Rating:

Date:November 25, 2012Have been learning from him for 4+ months so far. Among others, he is highly analytical and hence, very good at pinpointing what’s wrong with my swing…

By:Him Him’s mum  With Coach:Jacky Lau  Rating:

Date:November 24, 2012Jacky is my son’s first tennis coach. He is particular good at teaching kids as he is very patient, practising the basic skills until he can manage them. My son has remarkable improvement in playing tennis after taught by Jacky for a few months. Thanks for your untiring effort, Jacky.

By:hyphen and maggie  With Coach:jacky  Rating:

Date:November 23, 2012We have been learning tennis from jacky for a year. He is patient, kind, skillful and professional. He focuses on teaching us the correct postures and lays a solid base for our basic skills. Highly recommend to others.

By:Paul Cho  With Coach:Jacky Lau  Rating:

Date:November 23, 2012Very kind…and focus on basic skills for better and easier tennis play…
One day, you can realize quite improved yourself!!

By:ANUJ PRAKASH  With Coach:Jacky Lau  Rating:

Date:November 22, 2012I have been training with Jacky for past couple of months now.

I would rate Jacky as one of the best coaches I have trained under across all the different games I have played so far.

His coaching revolves around the following basic principles:
1. Keep your game/technique simple.
2. Focus on learning the correct technique.
3. Practice a lot with above 2 points in mind 🙂

His methods might seem simple but they are very effective and easy to follow. His other strong points include:

1. Very good & honest reviewer of your game. Helps you correct your technique instantly.
2. Flexible with timings
3. Very Patient with your game 🙂
4. No hassles with English as communication language
5. Above all, quite skillful with his own game.

Overall, it has been a good experience training with Jacky & it has helped me to simplify my game and learn a few good basic techniques to take it to the next level.


By:Kathy  With Coach:Jacky Lau  Rating:

Date:November 22, 2012Jacky is very professional and skillful in tennis coaching. He is always patient in teaching me and very flexible to adjust his time to fit in my schedule.

By:L Loo  With Coach:Jacky  Rating:

Date:November 22, 2012Jacky’s a great coach – very patient and thorough in his coaching. He teaches at Wong Nai Chung Gap amongst other courts and is flexible with scheduling. I’m a female adult beginner and have had a great time learning the basics as well as getting good exercise!

By:Chiu Tin Hang’s mum  With Coach:Jacky  Rating:

Date:November 22, 2012Jacky is a good coach, he is very professional. He knows how to teach children and make them love playing tennis, so my son has good progress and have lots of fun during the lesson. I take this chance saying thank you Jacky teaching my son.

By:David Sunter  With Coach:Jacky Lau  Rating:

Date:November 22, 2012Jacky provided me a great base of knowledge and experience to further my tennis skills. He is proffesional, friendly and motivational. English is good and great value for money.